A Salad That’s A Comfort Food Incognito Mode

Ok listen, before you start with me—I know *salads* do not belong in the “comfort foods” category. They just don’t. I love salads, but I still wouldn’t label it a comfort food—EXCEPT for this salad. It’s part noodle, part broccoli slaw and 100% something I dream about (yes I dream about food often, let me live).


-1 package of Ramen noodles (I went with beef)

-1/2 of the spice packet (or use the whole thing—I’m not going to stop you

-1 bag of broccoli slaw OR cole slaw (cabbage and carrots)

-½ cup white sugar

-¼ cup sesame oil

-¼ cup vegetable oil (or any light oil of your choosing)

-¼ cup white vinegar

-¼ cup toasted almonds

-2 tbl soy sauce

-⅛ cup sunflower seeds

-3-4 tablespoons Sweet Viking™ Relish

  1. Lets start with the dressing: in a bowl, combine white sugar, oils, ONE ramen spice packet, soy sauce, vinegar and Sweet Viking™ Relish and mix well. (pro tip--you can make the dressing in the bottom of a big bowl and then pour your other ingredients in after for less cleanup)

  2. In a pan, lightly toast some almonds—or do it in the oven, whatever works best for you boo. I’m a space cadet and I *forget* when they’re in the oven and end up cremating the poor things—sad for everyone involved (mostly me).

  3. Here’s the fun part--take the ramen noodles and smash them to smithereens--I mean really take your aggressions out on these noodles (they don’t have feelings, its ok) Smash until they’re in small chunks. Don’t smash them into ramen noodle dust--buf if you do, it’s ok, they’re like 10¢ each so grab some more. Combine the rest of the ingredients: broccoli slaw, toasted almonds, sunflower seeds and toss with the dressing.

  4. Put in fridge for about an hour so the noodles can soften in the dressing and they can all soak up all the fabulous flavors--the perfect mix of savory, sweet and spicy. A trifecta of delicious if you will.

  5. ENJOY! If you want, you can add a protein like chicken or ahi tuna on top. Your call. Either way, I hope this salad comforts you soon :)

Why did I put this in a mason jar to shoot? I don’t have a good answer for that—I thought I was being ✨artistic✨ but looking at it now, it just looks dumb. WELL you win some you lose some, but I can guarantee that it is much more delicious than my my creative direction is making it seem. Have a little faith in me.

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