Best. Date. Ever.

A little sweet, little sassy--zesty, even and wrapped in bacon.

A snack you'll want to obsess over and introduce to all of your friends and family, and 'gram it, and maybe even blog about it...

But seriously, y'all. These bacon wrapped stuffed dates are what low carb dreams are made of--and they're ridiculously easy to make too.

Prep Time: 10 minutes Oven Temp: 425 F Cook Time: 12-15 min


4 oz goat cheese or cream cheese

2-3 tablespoons Sweet Viking™ Relish

12 dates

6 slices of bacon

1) In a mixing bowl, combine goat cheese (or cream cheese) and Sweet Viking™ Relish.

If your dates aren't pitted, don't sweat it--take a small sharp knife (like a paring knife) and cut down the middle longways and just pull that pit right outta there. The result should look like a tiny, delicious book.

2) Take your 6 slices of bacon and cut them lengthwise down the middle, if you want to go with the "Bacon Plus" package, use full slices of bacon.

3) Stuff those dates with the cheese/relish mixture and close them up--swaddle in bacon (see above photos for illustration).

4) Place on foiled baking sheet and bake in oven at 425 F for 12-15 min or until the bacon is crispy and delicious looking.

5) Share with others only if you must. We 100% endorse accidentally sampling until there's none left. Morally, however, sharing is probably a better option.

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