Sweet Viking Hummus and Non-Boring Ways to Use it

Hello! This is one of my favorite kitchen hacks because you can do so much with it...and if you want it even easier you can just grab a container of plain hummus from the store or market and just add some Sweet Viking relish to it. Whether you don’t have a food processor, or you just don’t want to—I respect your choices.

If you DO want to make some from scratch it’s super easy—this is my very inauthentic, lazy chef version of hummus. I do not use tahini in my recipe because I cannot use tahini without getting it all over 1/2 my kitchen and ruining whatever clothes I’m wearing, so I’ve given up. It just isn’t meant to be. If I’m using hummus as the main event, then I’ll go buy some real stuff from my friends over at Taste of Lebanon. But for just day to day life—this is my go to.

Without further ado..


-1 can of chickpeas (washed and drained)

-1/3-1/2 cup of EVOO***

-salt and pepper to taste

-1-2 Tbl water

(-2-4 TBL Sweet Viking Relish)

  1. Add chickpeas, 1/3 cup of EVOO, salt and pepper to food processor and blend.

  2. You may have to open up and smoosh it around and add a little bit of water/oil to get to your desired consistency. **Start with 1/3 cup and slowly add oil otherwise you can end up with a soupy olive oil mess. Trust me from experience.

  3. Add Relish to heat level—2 for a more mild, 4+ to crank up the heat.

Head to our TikTok @sweetviking or Instagram @sweetvikingpeppers to see a video tutorial

This makes a delicious dip, BUT I use my Sweet Viking hummus in so many different ways which I highly encourage you try out–especially the weird one 😘

Left to Right: Using Sweet Viking Jalapeño Relish

  1. Toast with Sweet Viking Hummus, sliced avocado, hard boiled egg and roasted red pepper

  2. Grilled Cheese with sharp cheddar and Sweet Viking Hummus

  3. Pasta with Sweet Viking Hummus (mix in a couple TB of Greek yogurt—trust me)

  4. Deviled Eggs with Sweet Viking Hummus garnished with kale, breadcrumbs and relish

  5. Chicken Wrap with Sweet Viking Hummus, avocado and roasted red peppers

  6. Sweet Viking Hummus as dip with carrots (or pita chips, or veggies or whatever)

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