The Favor Burger

So I've got this burger recipe that will change your life.


Help moving?

Your dog watched whilst on vacation?

Your house cleaned?

Boy, oh boy have I got news for you: introducing the "Favor Burger," infamous for it's spellbinding flavors which will render nearly anyone (maybe not vegetarians) powerless to your charm and requests. I have literally had help doing all of these things, just for a favor burger. Girl scouts honor. **Disclaimer: being kind + asking nicely is also part of it**


1 lb burger or bison meat

2-4 Tbl Sweet Viking™ Relish

1/4 cup dried onion

2 tbl Worcestershire Sauce

goat cheese (or gouda)

4 slices of pepper bacon


salt + pepper (to taste)


1. Meat + relish + onion + Worcestershire + salt + pepper, mix well and form 4 patties.

2. Fry that bacon up on a good frying pan, until cooked to your liking, I personally hail from the "cooked until it's nearly burned" camp.

3. Once your bacon is done, set aside and drain off some of the bacon grease **leave the rest in the pan!!**

4. Cook burger patties in the frying pan in the bacon grease (I never said this was a healthy recipe, most favor acquiring recipes rarely are though if we're being honest.)

5. Toast the buns in the oven (low broil) while you're waiting for the burgers to finish cooking to your liking.

6. Grab a baking sheet and place your burger pattys on there and the cheese of your choice on top and place in oven just long enough for that cheese to get nice and melty :)

6. Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise to the bottom bun, place the burger patty + melty cheese on top and then place insanely delicious bacon on it, and finally the bun.

7. Serve, enjoy and wait for the perfect moment to ask for your favor.

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