Turkey Wrap Roll-ups Get A Makeover

Turkey wraps (and roll-ups) often have a bad rap for being boring. (I saw an opportunity for a bad pun and you know I had to take it.)

Dry, turkey and cheese with some sad lettuce. Lacking even the vaguest hint of flavor—when will this madness end? Well, right now--because I’m sharing my fool-proof turkey roll-ups that are guaranteed to impress those taste buds of yours.

In addition to this delicious recipe, at the bottom I will add suggestions for substitutions you can make to this recipe to make countless new ones, because I’m one *Sweet Viking™️.


• Tortilla

• 2-3 oz sliced turkey (~2-3 slices)

• 1-2 Tbl Sweet Viking™ relish

• 2-3 Tbls whipped cream cheese

• Roasted red pepper

Take your tortilla and spread the cream cheese base onto it, covering it to the edges.

Spread 1 Tbl (or more, no pressure) Sweet Viking™ relish onto the cream cheese you just spread, coat it as evenly as possible to maximize flavor in each bite. Future you will thank you for your delicious precision.

Layer the turkey atop the relish layer, finishing with a layer of the roasted red peppers. When you’re making these layers, think of it like you’re putting toppings on a pizza. Make it even, trust me—last reminder.

Roll toward the center so that the tortilla is spiraled throughout—make sure you roll it tight enough that it stays together.

Cut into slices or in halves and you have a tasty snack, lunch, appetizer—you name it. And in what—2 minutes? Amazing.

As promised, some substitutions:

Cream Cheese: Any kind of soft spreadable cheese, aioli, smashed avocado, hummus, etc.

Turkey: Roast Beef, Tuna Salad, Avocado Slices, Roasted Beets, Portabello Mushrooms, Eggs

Sweet Viking™ Relish: There is no substitution ☺ BUT if you happen to run out, you could use chopped basil, roasted garlic, pesto, or bruschetta for some added flavor.

Roasted Red Pepper: spinach, zucchini, carrots, red cabbage, get creative!

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