Wicked Wontons

Fried wontons are seriously my biggest weakness, so of course I had to come up with a Sweet Viking version of it. I took the wonton, and introduced him to my dear old friend brie and we threw Sweet Viking™ Relish in the mix to stir things up, and boy oh boy.

Heaven--pure literal bliss.

Little golden nuggets of sunshine and melted cheesy goodness that is guaranteed to dazzle your tastebuds. We're not even exaggerating here.

Finished product pictured here with duck sauce as the dipping sauce--this one is mostly apricot, which pairs nicely with the creamy, butteriness of the brie. All of which is complemented by the sweet + spicy Sweet Viking™ Relish for some zing.

Trust us.


Wonton Wrappers

Brie (or cream cheese)*

Sweet Viking™ Relish

Vegetable Oil

Duck Sauce (apricot)

1) If using Brie, cut into roughly 1/2 inch cubes

2) Place Brie in center of wonton, and cover that bad boy with a gorgeous dollop of Sweet Viking™ Relish.

3)Wet the wonton edges with a wet finger tip (see below)

4) Wrap all the edges up together like you're wrapping a wine bottle with wrapping papaer.

(sorry all I could think of)

5)Heat vegetable oil on medium-high heat and fry those babies up until they're golden brown.

You can probably bake these, but they won't be quite as crispy. Let's be honest--if you're going to be bad, be really bad.

*For cream cheese substitute, place about a tablespoon amount of cream cheese in center of wonton wrapper in place of Brie cube. Cover with relish and continue on with above instructions.


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