You Gotta Brie Kidding Me

A dish that could melt the coldest of hearts.

[unless they're lactose intolerant, then you've created a whole new problem]

Baked Brie is a classic appetizer, and can seem a little daunting until you realize it's just a few simple ingredients and a trick or two to get the perfect party dish that will have everyone begging you for your secrets. This is a super exciting, extra awesome bonus recipe post because I'm going to give you the traditional Fall/Winter Baked Brie" recipe and also a fun Spring/Summer version of it as well.

Traditional Brie: Your Go To for Wintertime Holidays

Caution: Buttery, delicious cheesiness ahead. Don't say we didn't warn you.



Package of Crescent Rolls

Wheel of Brie

Sweet Viking™ Relish

(optional egg)

1. See that papery tough stuff encasing the brie? Cut the top of it right off (the rind).

2. Spread 2-4 Tablespoons of Sweet Viking™ Relish (to taste) on top of exposed brie.

3. Open crescent dough and use a rolling pin to roll out any seams, to form a flat piece of dough.

4. Cover the brie with the crescent dough and tuck the extra dough underneath so that the entire wheel of brie is swaddled in delicious buttery crescent roll.

5. *Optional* whisk a single egg and take a pastry brush to coat the outside of the pastry dough before baking. This is called an egg wash, and will give you that nice shiny golden perfection, if you want to take it the extra step.

6. Place in a pie tin (use parchment paper to line the bottom to make your life easier.) and bake for about 25 minutes or until perfectly golden brown.

7. Cut into that perfection and eat up!

Spring Time Brie


Wheel of Brie

Sweet Viking™ Relish


1. Honestly almost doesn't even instructions.

2. Cut off top of brie.

3. 2-4 Tablespoons of Sweet Viking™ Relish spread across the top of the exposed cheesy goodness.

4. Top everything with blackberries.

5. Low broil for about 10-15 min until nice and melty and the berries are all caramelized and delicious.

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