BBQ Sampler Pack
  • BBQ Sampler Pack

    One of each of the brand new Sweet Viking™ Barbecue Sauces! Two different flavors--both infused with Sweet Viking™ Jalapeño Relish for the perfect amount of balanced sweet heat. 


    Batch #5 Sauce: "The Family Recipe" This one is my family's famous BBQ sauce recipe--very classic, Memphis or Kansas City style that is more brown sugar and tomato forward--great for getting that perfect caramelization when you're grilling ribs! 


    Batch #334 Sauce: "The Wild Card" This one toes the line of not being a BBQ sauce anymore. Batch #334 is a tangier, more garlic and mustard driven sauce, a nod to BBQ in parts of Alabama and also South Carolina. Pairs well with everything. 

    • Refrigerate After Opening

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