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The casino hall was drowned in music and the squeal of dancers. The croupiers were spinning the roulette wheel faster, handing out cards, involuntarily trying to get into the rhythm of the crazy melody. Players were quicker to place their bets. The waiters quickly filled the glasses with alcohol. Only I patiently waited for my players

Volodya and Serge, fairly warmed up by alcohol, expressed their delight the loudest of all - they clapped for the girls on the stage, whistled and shouted in vying:

- They give it! More more! Come on, bunny!

- Oh-oh-oh, higher, baby! Wow!

The dancers, dressed in modest dark brown dresses with white collars and cuffs, famously lifted their slender legs above their heads, showing the guests of the casino their white petticoats and lace panty shorts. Their high heels flew over the stage, and their wide skirts danced up and covered their faces, opening the way for the imagination of the guests.


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